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In the beginning.

Dear Reader,

A common concern that I am approached with by new clients is that they don’t know where to start. They come in overwhelmed and often times with a list of things that they want to heal and see change in their life. Over the years I have found that what works best is to throw out the list. And this is why: healing occurs exactly as it needs to. When you enter a flow state with the universe you eventually realize that everything that you need is right there at your fingertips and all you have to do is stay in the flow. Here are the only 4 things that you need to start your healing:


Something has to change. The void inside of you needs filled. You can’t keep going on the way that you have. You know this. And that is why you make a full commitment to yourself. “I will heal”. I am ready.


During this step you are surrendering your egoic driven need to control what and how healing happens. You are allowing your higher self (you could also say the universe/aether/God/Goddess/Spirit/all that is/fate/etc) to take charge by releasing your ego* from the position of power in your life.

The exercise that I teach is to take time every day to lay with your arms open (Think: the Vitruvian Man by Da Vinci) and breath deeply into your belly. Say out loud or silently that you open your heart to receive healing. And here is the most important part: mean it. Feel it. Allow yourself to emote. Cry. Laugh. Surrender the control.


Welp, this is the hardest part for most people. Allowing yourself to receive healing is a complex situation. Here are some blocks that you might come into:

-You don’t feel worthy of help

-You have been trained not to allow help

-You feel guilty to accept

-You don’t want the help because you know it will mean that relationships/careers/geographical location/etc will change and you are scared of the unknown

-You perceive the help as “weird” or “for weak people” or any other number of stigmas

This is usually the stage when the house of cards that your ego* has built to protect you and help you feel the conditioned love that is socialized into us FALLS DOWN. Let. It. Fall.

This is the stage where you must have the most bravery. Feel into your heart and allow yourself to receive the help that is being provided you. Besides, you asked for it!

And what does help look like? It looks like a book that someone mentions to you…then another person the next day brings it up…and you see a copy of the same book sitting on someone’s table at a coffee shop.

It looks like an email that pops up in your inbox about a workshop covering something that you have been struggling with.

It looks like synchronicity.

And what does help FEEL like? It feels like truth. It feels like deep knowing; that grain of sand inside of you whose microscopic crystalline structure beams like a lighthouse no matter how much the feeling of fear attempts to dim the signal. You know your truth.

Let the universe take you on an amazing scavenger hunt back to yourself!


Get a copy of that book (and read it!). Go to the workshop. Do the scary thing. Catch yourself making excuses and bring your awareness to the fact that they are just excuses. You are allowed to be afraid…but do it anyway.

Gather your strength. Call up your courage. Use your stamina. Build discernment. Start and don’t stop.

Let me know if I can help.

In service,


*Wait. What is the ego? Yeah, so in a nutshell, the ego is the identity that we develop over time that helps us navigate our realities with the desired effect that it will minimize our risk of suffering. We are indoctrinated with belief systems which then affects how we choose to behave in any given moment with the desired result of feeling “good” and not “bad”. We lose our connection with our authentic self because we are taught that there is something wrong with this because it doesn’t fit the mold that is expected by roles that you are given. The goal of the work that I do is to eliminate the connection to the ego identity and bring forth your authentic self thus releasing you from the limitations which the ego identity places on you.