"Melinda gave me a gift. I felt the change and energy. I saw it in my mind. After our session she acknowledged some things that I sensed. I was left with such energy and mindfulness. And changes are in process for me. I love her heart. Beyond Reiki she has an ability of seeing/understanding clearly someones pain and need and speak to it. Her personal life experiences has given her this gift of empathy, sympathy, and the desire/need to be of service, giving back. THIS IS HER THERAPY. You will be better for having had Melinda in your life." -Debra J.

"Yesterday I had a new experience. I didn’t know what Reiki was until then. I am very happy with the outcome. I can honestly say for the 1st time in yrs I can do things without having to stop for a breath. Melinda did not know that. When she told me what she felt, I admit I was stunned. She hit everything right on the head, right down to the water. Now to do what she told me, to open up the chakras. I highly recommend her without hesitation."

-Melodie H.

"Thank you very much, I loved the reiki session I did with you. Melinda you are a spirit of great light with a lot of intuition and I recommend your excellent work to all!" -Maria L.