"We are here to assist people in generating their lives in a way that is precisely their unique design.  -John Mills, MD

"I want people to not only know that they have free will but how to use it." -Melinda Norman, LPC

Have you ever had any of these thoughts?

-"I'm tired of therapy.  It doesn't work"

-"I don't trust doctors."

-"I want to be healthier but something stops me from doing 'the thing' that I need to be doing."

We offer you an open forum to bring questions that you have regarding your health--mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.  As providers in the medical, mental health, and spiritual areas of life, we will help to facilitate a group discussion that will help give you new perspectives to consider on your Hero's Journey.  No questions are too big or too small.  Hope to see you soon.

Friday, February 15, 2019   630-8 pm

10700 SW Beaverton Hillsdale HWY

Building 3, Suite 555

Cost is free

John Mills has a diverse background in the healing arts.  He is a physician and surgeon with a Holistic philosophy, who has also explored a number of paths to attaining health and well-being.  John has also looked beyond good health and the absence of disease, which usually defines good health.  This exploration has formed the foundation of his approach to discovering a life lived with vitality and joy.  Realizing this is possible for each of us paves the way to an experience of health way beyond the norm.  


John's particular path has included not only his traditional western medical training as an MD and Orthopaedic surgeon, but training as a Yoga Instructor and a practitioner of Ayurveda.  His path has also included an extensive inquiry into Nature and the intimate role Nature plays in each of our lives, as well as a study of energy, energy medicine, and how changes in our energy system can bring about desired physical changes.  John is currently training to become a shaman, studying the ways of the ancient and modern shamans to bring about healing.  


John blends the best of east and west in his practice of medicine to achieve the health and well-being sought by his patients and clients.